Wedding Photography Edinburgh: What to Ask in an Interview

wedding photography EdinburghWhat do couples need to know from their photographer about wedding photography Edinburgh? You know that you will want to ask things like how much does the service cost, how many pictures will you get, and maybe if the photographer works alone. But there are actually way more things that you need to know about your photographer. Don’t be surprised when we say these questions will determine the satisfaction you will get from using their service.

Let’s start with something to do about their basic information.

What is your experience as a wedding photographer?

How long has the photographer works specifically as a wedding photographer? It’s also possible that the photographer has worked in different genres before. If he did, why did he change? You can briefly ask this and see what he says. Aside from breaking the ice, this will help you see the motivation of the photographer.

How do you usually work? What is your style? Do you work alone?

These are the questions that will lead you to know more about the photographer’s work methodology. Depending on your preference, most clients love it when photographers work only behind the scene. They remain clear from the party and simply capture everything that is happening. But there are also photographers who work differently.

Some photographers also work in pairs only, such as husband and wife or life partners. They cannot be separated because each of them has their own responsibilities. When separated, you ruin their teamwork. Others would get an assistant or a second shooter depending on your needs. Of course, that also means an extra fee to pay.

For example, if you check out wedding photography Edinburgh by Andrew Weild Photography, you’ll know that he usually works alone. He knows his limits and manages every responsibility on his own, ensuring the quality of the work delivered.

Detailed information on everything you have to pay.

You want to know how much it is to hire your photographer for 8 hours for the day, as well as that extra shooter and having to travel further than 50 miles. You also want to know the fee for having an album worked on, how many pictures can be included and what happens if you want to add, say, 10 more pictures into the album.

Are there extra fees (aside from the packages)?

Some photographers who work based on hours will charge you an extra fee for the extra hours he has to work. Usually happens when you don’t plan the day carefully or when you get overexcited during the day! You are also charged extra if your photographer has to travel more than 50 miles, depending on the photographer.

Are you insured?

A photographer with insurance is safer and better to deal with when there are problems. We can never be sure that our wedding will go smoothly without a single problem. But to anticipate it is possible. Thus, we will only look at insured photographers.

Ask these questions before booking a wedding photography Edinburgh session. These questions will help you see whether that is the person you want to be responsible for the important job.