4 Best Podcasts for the Wedding Photographer Sydney

wedding photographer SydneyPodcast, one of the most interesting may stay updated to the latest photography trend. Podcasts are much like radio talks but they are digitalized. A wedding photographer Sydney may want to keep updated with the newest gears in store, trend, and tips they should stay reminded with.

Here are 4 best podcasts that every wedding photographer should be listening to as you enjoy your first meal of the day.

Top Floor’s Photography Tips

What’s a better way to start the day with a humorous host that answers to technical questions from photographers? Chris Marquardt loves to answer questions and help fellow photographers by giving them practical advice. Chris’s podcast channel is not only listened by new photographers but also experts who want to keep their skills trained.

He has been hosting Photography Tips from Tops Floors since 2005. Chris is also a host for 5 other podcast channels in two languages, German and English with other photographers.

You can listen to Chris Marquadt’s podcast on iTunes.


Brooks is the man who invented podcasting before he even realized it. Or at least, he has been making ‘audio blogs’ six months before iPod introduced the world of the podcast in the same year. Brooks’ podcast has been running since then and every episode is about 10 minutes long.

Brooks understands that to keep our photography skills honed, like a professional violinist, we have to keep practicing. But with violins, you can practice a song in 5 minutes. With pictures, you have to actually go out there to take a picture, edit them on Photoshop and spend hours in the dark room. So, a wedding photographer Sydney can listen to his podcast regularly to keep the mind engaged.

Brooks’ podcast is available on iTunes and is available in both audio-only or video podcasts forms. There are more than 1000 episodes to listen to if you have never visited Lenswork before!

The Digital Story

Derrick Story loves to talk about the newest photography gear that brings your game up a few levels. When it comes to photography today, you cannot get rid of technology to get the new zoom lens that produces pictures that is only 1/10 of our eyes’ capability. Derrick also talks about how one can improve his content and work on their photography career.

Derrick also has a blog that shows samples of pictures captured with those new lenses and writes reviews on them. His podcast is available on iTunes to listen to.

5by5’s On Taking Pictures

Jeffery Sadoris and Bill Wadman have been hosting On Taking Pictures for six years and their last episode ended on July 17th, 2018. You think this might not be your cup of tea? Think again. The two hosts have been known to be engaging in interesting conversations, featuring comedic turns, fun daily lives encounter to everything about photography.

The podcast is usually one to two hours long and available on iTunes.

So, that’s our podcast recommendation for now. A wedding photographer Sydney way of staying on the loop is different. So, if you’re more of looking for a site to get inspiration from, like Derrick Story’s blog, we suggest visiting www.yasminanadine.com.