5 Steps to Take When Finding Wedding Photographers Surrey

wedding photographers surreyThe right person to take your pictures is not always the same with others. In fact, every couple is different – two individuals with different artistic value will have different opinions. Not to mention hiring wedding photographers Surrey are not cheap! And then, there are those news articles about wedding photographers who did not do their clients justice with those horrendous pictures.

How to find the right person for the job and be sure that I won’t be disappointed about it?

Make a plan

Yeah, this is the biggest project in your life, yet. The success factors are: satisfying pictures and responsible photographers. Set your budget for photography, for now, it doesn’t matter if you are not sure how much is enough. Remind yourself that wedding photography is something that can easily make you spend way more than your budget allows!

Also, state what kind of photography style you like. Is it the candid & elegant style, relaxed, fine art style or the formal, Gatsby style?

Scan through a list of photographers

There are many ways to look for a photographer and the easiest one you might have tried is Googling them. You can type ‘wedding photographers’ and you will see a lot of search results that show a list of photographers. Remember to include the area where you live or where the wedding is held!

From that list, note down photographers that come with styles that you like to look at. They usually upload their portfolios on their galleries and some more on their blog posts. It’s also great to check out their social media accounts for their newest posts as well. Wedding photographers Surrey typically uploads on social media if they are not active with blogging.

Email them for availability

Very important. Email those that you find interesting to see if they will be available on your wedding date. Only then will it be worthwhile to get more engaged with them in conversations, negotiations, and consultations.

Interview questions

Next is to prepare a list of questions that you want to ask. Start from asking about their experience and don’t forget to inform that you want to be able to see a printed album of their work. You want to see how yours will look like and it’s always a good thing to know your photographer is always ready.

Ask how they usually work with their clients, how many photographers will come, and how much it cost to hire them. Do they provide a contract for you? How long does it take for the proofs to be delivered from your wedding day? Will they provide you with an online gallery?

Some photographers have FAQs section in their sites from where you can gain more information about them.

Friendly people

Your wedding photographers Surrey must also be people that you enjoy being around with. Having your pictures taken, especially intimate and romantic ones, can be quite awkward, but you know you have to do it. Professional photographers will want to spend time talking and making sure you like their presence. It’s all for the sake of capturing romantic moments that are real and not staged, like what you can see in http://www.captivephoto.co.uk/.