What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

search engine optimizationSearch Engine Optimization is an aspect of marketing that focuses on the increased visibility in the results of organic search engines. In summary, search engine optimization combines creative and technical elements so as to increase the awareness of a website on search engines, drive traffic to the website as well as improve the rankings of the website on search engines. Search engine optimization is also referred to as SEO and it has various facets to it. You may find that the words on the pages of your website as well as how often other websites link to you all have an effect on your SEO. At the end of the day, search engine optimization is all about structuring your website in a way that is easily understood by search engines.

When considering search engine optimization for your website, the aim should not be based on making it search engine friendly but also about making it user friendly. Before you decide to delve into the whole technical element of search engine optimization, it is important to understand the why of it as well as what would happen if your website does not have it. Take a look below for the answers:

Does my website require search engine optimization?

The simple answer to that question is yes it does but if you need a fleshy answer then go on reading. The truth is that there are three major commercial search engines in the world Bing, Yahoo and Google which is the biggest of them all. Web traffic that occurs is driven majorly by these search engines and although other forms of traffic can be generated by having a social media account, the search engines are the primary source of them. You find that when internet users need something, what they make use of is the search engines which redirects them to what they need. So whether your site provides information, content, products, you are bound to be featured but the problem is you might not be amongst the top rankings.

If search engines are so smart, then why can they not rank my site without the use of search engine optimization?

This is a question a lot of website owners tend to ask their SEO assistant. Even though search engines are smart, they are basically software that requires that human touch to help them along. You will find that yearly, the major search engines update their technology so as to improve results for users but this does not change the fact that when it comes to operation mode, they have their limits. If the right search engine optimization techniques are applied, then you improve your chances of attracting a wide range of visitors to your site constantly but if you apply the wrong ones, then your site might be buried so deep in search results that chances of visibility are reduced.

You want to gain more customers for your business, then you need more visibility on search engines, to gain more visibility on search engines, you need to boost your rankings so that your products and content can be viewed.