Too Expensive! Should Wedding Photographers Charge Less?

Throughout years of statistics, the number of money spent on wedding preparation is deemed to be one of the costliest expenses in life. Wedding photography ranks the fourth, costing 4 to 5 digits in price. This seems unreasonable for the service of a wedding photographer Kent and there are already a lot of people complaining: are wedding photographers overrated?

The fact is that every job concerning art has no base price nor can the government decide on how much a single picture should cost. It’s really up to the photographer themselves to set the price and after years of adjustment, there seems to be a silent agreement on the standard of pricing. Professionals charge as high as $8,000 or more for full-service packages from full-day coverage plus extra 2-4 hours on a different event with a wedding album and several big sized prints in frames.

Others think that the cost of printing those pictures aren’t that high and a photographer’s investment is often a one-time type. People also agree to the fact that they only hire the photographer for a day and $8,000 seems overrated.

Yet, it wouldn’t be fair to only listen from one side of the story. Photographers have their own opinions to state about their job. Gears such as cameras, lenses, computers, and software are not the only investment they make. They invest not only a day but weeks of time that build up to the wedding day and on post-processing the pictures.

A professional wedding photographer Kent from has to consider not just the hours spent on taking the pictures, but also consultation hours and editing hours. Photographers are prepared to give more time to the clients if necessary and editing pictures isn’t as easy as you think. The time needed to make sure it looks flawless in big print is important.

There are also various intrinsic values from the photographer that you cannot find in anyone else. The style of the current photographer you hire cannot be found is someone else. Not to mention that if the photographer is one with decades of experience, you technically don’t have other options with similar quality. Yet, for your wedding event, quality is of utmost importance.

A wedding photographer is prepared to give his all for you, something that most understand to be the standard in wedding photography. You need to also remember that these photographers cannot take up other jobs too often and have to focus on yours. If that’s the case, you are demanding exclusivity and the photographer has to calculate the opportunity cost as well.

A photographer isn’t making $8,000 in a day.

He has to spend weeks of editing, consulting, maintaining his site, uploading those pictures, etc. All those time investments are aimed to bring the best work quality for you. To make sure that the thousands of dollars you wasted will become something of value.

And then, there is also the fact that wedding pictures are something that you will keep for a very long time. They are pictures that you want to show your future generations and they can only be possible through a professional wedding photographer Kent.