Professional Wedding Photography Hertfordshire Service Qualifications

wedding photography HertfordshireHow do you provide a professional service in wedding photography Hertfordshire? There must be something different about it from the usual ones and that’s why you can call it a professional service. If you are still a beginner, it’s a good thing to start reading this because your long-term career can depend on it!

Not cheap

Being expensive is not a requirement, but selling yourself low and cheap is not acceptable. Some people try to get their first clients by tempting them with cheap prices for being the first customers. On one side, yes, there will be people interested in the offer and hire you based on that price. But being a professional means that you are hired based on quality.

But you shouldn’t sell yourself too high as you don’t have portfolios or enough experience to be on par with real professionals. Rather than selling yourself short, it’s better to offer to become a volunteer in a relative’s or close friend’s weddings to get experience and portfolios. Then you sell your service again and this time, with more solid proofs.

Has proof

A professional must always be able to prove his skills through portfolios. It’s important that you gather enough to show your style and capabilities. They are better shown to be taken in a different venue with different kind of couples, but shouldn’t be emitting different style and tone. Be consistent in your style, but do not let that limit the poses that you have in mind.

There is one site on wedding photography Hertfordshire that we’d like to recommend you visit. That’s and we have to say that we love the pictures shown here. You can also see that the portfolios did the photographer a great job by showing his style and perspective.

Has the equipment

A professional wedding photographer must have everything you need to capture the scene. It is not the same as buying the newest edition of everything that you have, but you shouldn’t let the lack of equipment to prevent you from getting a great picture. Make sure that all your equipment is working well. Check them the day before the promised date.

Always bring backup equipment with you, such as a spare camera, memory card or battery. These spares will really save you in time because the worst things can happen right when you least expect them to.


A professional is equal to a passionate photographer. If you want to be one, make sure that you have the passion to do the job. If you have the passion, you will be able to go beyond what you’ve promised, providing not just satisfactory, but delightful results to your clients. It is also something that motivates you to become better over time.

If you start to lose the motivation that you had in the beginning, it’s important to take a step back, and think about what you want to do. Is it a momentary block, boredom, or a serious issue where you just don’t enjoy what you’re doing anymore? Wedding photography Hertfordshire is something that has to be done only when you have the will and passion to do or it won’t do you nor the clients good!