How to Find a Domain Name for Your Business

find domainIn a world where Dictionaries are updated every year, you would think that the act of finding a good domain name to aid in your business practices would be easy. The sad news is that over hundreds of millions of domains have already been registered meaning that there are certain names you would just have to give up hope on. For the budding business or the already established business needing to stretch its outreach, take a look at the following steps on how to find a good domain name:


This is where you have to put your internet research abilities to the test as there is no better place to find out if a domain name has already been taken and also which ones are available. There are several places where you can locate domain names such as, and Domain They also offer you an alternative to certain names that are available. If you end up finding a name you like, then the next step is to open an account on a domain registration site like and pay to register it.

Bring out your creativity

Just like everything in life that has its season and period where it trends, the same goes for the domain name. Nowadays, the simple one-word domain name is no longer fancied and this might be due to the fact that most of them have been snapped up or they are too expensive. This leaves you with no option but to try creating your own domain name. If you decide to use a name that is common, then it has to have an uncommon ending to make it stand out. You can go for certain tags or industry modifiers like: Group, Inc, Tech, Capital etc.

Have the right extension

In the world right now, there is the one popular extension that most people differ to when making use of their search engines and that is “.com”. Try as much as possible to get a domain name that has that extension as it makes it easier for individuals to search you out. Never be in a hurry to pay for a domain name to the extent that you settle for something like “.net” or a shortened or hyphenated version of your business name. If you do this, chances are customers might make an error and send out emails to the wrong domain address that has .com and you may very well lose your business to a competitor.

Make use of words that never grow old

Another way to find a domain name for your business is by making a list of simple names that define your business and its operations. You can also make it an industry based list as long as your business embodies what the names mean. To the names you have on your list, you can then go about adding unique words that stand out. For example, if your company sells nuts, you can decide to make use of an animal that loves nuts such as a “squirrel” and combine it with the evergreen word “nuts”. The result would be a name that is quite simple but still resonates well as a domain name.