Why Your Business Needs to Embrace Social Media

social mediaIt is the normal order of things in life to come and go. You can find a certain trend in vogue for a couple of months and within the next few months, it has been totally forgotten. We have seen a lot of technological innovations over the years with each new breakthrough bringing about the redundancy of the technology that previously existed in its place but such is not the case for social media.

The truth is social media is here to stay and the sooner you accept that, the better the chances of survival of your business is.  In this modern age, it is highly unrealistic for a business to want to maintain a successful run yet avoid anything and everything that has to do with social media when a majority of its consumers are on those platforms waiting to reach out to them. Consumers at present are now making use of online platforms to shop as well as interact with the brans they love on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Also, companies can no longer survive on just the random posts or responses to queries as this can give a negative portrayal of their customer service. To make social media work for you, this has to be approached strategically. First and foremost, the goals and objectives of your business have to be clear and this can be anything from increasing revenue, promoting corporate social responsibility etc. Once this is clear, you can come up with a social media strategy but before you do that, look at the reasons why embracing social media is imperative to your business:

Foster trust

The only way you can create trust in your relationship with your customers is if you work on building the relationship in the first place. The avenue by which you can do that since it is not possible to have your office doors open every day and every hour is by having a social media presence which allows for you to create an online community for customers and potential customers.


Direction: one thing most organizations set for themselves is an objective or goal but how to go about achieving them is something they are left pondering on. For your business, taking the time to interact with customers on social media can bring about ideas on how to achieve your goals and in some cases determine new ones. Social media platforms also have analytic tools which can also provide insights on these things.


Communication: as humans, we need to be reassured that the people in which we entrust our care and satisfaction to also care about us. As a business, it is your responsibility to make sure that your customers know that you care about them and not only about making profit at their expense. To get feedback about the services you provided or the products created, social media can be used. You can also make your social media account a place where customer service complaints and enquires are dealt with.


Benefits outweigh the costs: when making use of social media, there are a lot of benefits you get to enjoy that normally are meant to be paid for in the ordinary world. Such is the case for advertising as social media allows for your marketing team to deploy campaigns aimed at attracting new customers and keeping old ones interested without having to spend a dime.