The Importance of Having a Good Brand for Your Business

What is a brand?

good brandThis is the representation of the view individuals have about a company, its logo, the customer service, reputation and marketing. The brand is also in certain ways the goodwill of the company as this decides if customers are going to continue patronizing it in years to come. If all the areas that make up the business are in working order, then the brand is set to be good but if just one is amiss then chances are, it can tarnish the brand of the company.

Why do you need a good brand?

The following are valid benefits of having a good brand for your business:


The logo is a major component of any good brand and it also serves as the face of the company. In most cases, individuals are able to point out the business name of a company just by seeing the logo which shows you how good the brand is. If you want to achieve the level of recognition where your business name does not need to be spelt out in clear letters, and only your logo suffices, then you need to have a simple but memorable logo design.


Having a good brand also aids a business in areas of advertising. Your chosen demographic allows for you to build up your brand using targeted marketing techniques that reflect well on it. You have to be careful when trying to sell your brand to an audience as you do not want to narrow your demographic and risk being compacted to a certain area thereby affecting your chances of reaching out to new markets.


Customers and potential customers need to believe in a business’s ability to live up to their claims and a way to go about building this trust is by having a good brand. The professional appearance given by a business is just one of the steps that adds to its credibility this way, individuals are likely to patronize them.

Financial Returns

Most companies apart from providing needed products and services are in the business to make profit and returns on investments. The publicly traded companies that are constantly valued on the stock exchange are the ones who have high pressure placed upon them to make a return so as to pay shareholders their dividends. A company’s strong brand is one of the things that affects its value on these markets especially if the company has just decided to source out funds for an initial public offering. The more effort a company puts into building its brand by providing good service and products as well as performing corporate social responsibilities, the greater the returns.

Turn Leads into Customers

A business with a good brand is likely to keep attracting customers as it continues to exist. These customers might be attracted by what the brand sells or they might be referred to your company due to one friend or the other being satisfied by your service. To get the type of referrals known as “word of mouth”, your brand needs to be impressive enough.