DIY Backlighting for Calgary Newborn Photography

Calgary newborn photographyBacklighting is one of the most important elements in photography that anyone working in Calgary newborn photography needs to be aware of. The right backlighting technique would not only make the subject looks much cooler in the frame, but also create magnificent contours on the subject that would boost the quality of the photo significantly. This is why it is very crucial that a photographer understands how to apply backlighting techniques in every shot he takes.

Backlighting means using a source of light, either natural or using a lighting tool, which is placed right behind the subject. This gives more depth to the subject and the shot as a whole as it would provide a great contour on the subject. The application of the backlighting techniques in newborn photography is a great way to put more focus on the baby.

There are so many backlighting techniques that could be applied during a newborn photoshoot session. This article is going to detail out some of them which you could do by yourself. This list contains some DIY techniques in applying to backlight for newborn photographers.

  • Using a wider source of light

One of the best sources of light to be used in the backlighting technique is the sun. Putting the baby in front of the sun would give the exposure needed in the backlighting technique. You could alter the amount of exposure that you want. When the sunlight comes too bright, you could do some simple tricks to deal with it, like putting some thin paper between the light and your subject. This trick will help you soften the light that comes to your subject.

When you are indoor, you could make use of the sunlight coming through the windows as well. You only need to apply the same technique that you do with outdoor sunlight. In case you’re in a room with no window at all, you could use light coming from your computer screen as your light source for backlighting.

Using a narrower source of light

While a wider source of light gives you a better focus on the subject, and more details of it as well, using a narrower source of light would allow you to get some shadows over your subject. This is another great technique for Calgary newborn photography. You could simply use a flashlight, your phone’s LED, or a candle and a transparent object which is put between the source of light and your subject to get a decent silhouette of the subject.

When using this technique, you need to be aware of the fact that the closer you put the source of light to the separator between it and the subject, the smaller the spot of light it would create. So you would want to change the position of the source of light as you wish to get that effect that you’re looking for, as each position would give different exposure to the subject.

Using backlighting could help to add dimension and depth to Calgary newborn photography. You could take a look at some magnificent samples of the application of this technique at