Outfit Ideas for a Wedding Photographer Hampshire

Your wedding is going to be a blast! Of course you have chosen a wedding gown that will make you look like a princess in a fairytale. You have set your motifs and you have inwedding photographer Hampshireformed your bridesmaids, groomsmen, sponsors and guests what they need to wear on your wedding day. But have you talked to your wedding photographer Hampshire has provided you about the outfit to wear on your wedding day?

The importance of a wedding photographer’s attire

Your wedding photographer is not technically a guest in your wedding, but that doesn’t mean that the standard for a wedding’s attire will not be followed. At all times, wedding photographers need to look their best to appear professional and trustworthy. After all, you are laying your trust in them to document the best day of your life. Your wedding photographer needs to have an outfit that will blend in the crowd, not too bright and colorful to be noticed, not too withdrawn to be awkward, and definitely not too fancy to outshine your friends. You need to be very clear as to how you want your wedding photographer to look like on your special day, and you simply cannot go wrong in hiring a great wedding photographer Hampshire is ecstatic about in http://www.martinbell-photography.co.uk/ .

Ideas for a wedding photographer’s outfit

Though your wedding photographer already has an idea on what to wear in a wedding, you still need to coordinate what the attire will be to make sure that it does not violate any tradition you may have, or style that may be offensive to you, or colors that you may hate.

Darker shade

Your wedding photographer can go for a darker shade in color to subtly blend in with the guests and take unobtrusive photographs of special moments. Darker colored attire allows your wedding photographer to be at ease and not catch too much attention, making the guests relax as well since they will hardly notice that they are being photographed. Afterall, being unobtrusive and inconspicuous should be in every photographer’s resume.

Comfortable shoes

Comfortable shoes is always important for a wedding photographer Hampshire can offer you, because a wedding photographer can move freely and easily, jump from one corner to another in a fast route with shoes that will not be killing the feet, or slow the movement in any way. Besides, there may be an opportunity to climb a ladder or a stone, or step on a puddle while taking wedding photographs.

Decent/Conservative outfit

Most importantly, it is crucial for your wedding photographer to wear decent and conservative style for your the wedding day. You cannot afford to have your wedding photographer wear shorts or sleeve-less shirts, or even body-hugging outfits that will draw too much unwanted attention. Though it is every wedding photographer’s right to wear whatever they feel like wearing, as a professional wedding photographer, they need to present themselves decently in public. They may have their own style, and they can wear them anywhere else, but definitely not in your wedding day. Not when it clearly defies how you imagine all your guests and wedding photographer will look like when you say “I Do”.

Wedding Photography Edinburgh: What to Ask in an Interview

wedding photography EdinburghWhat do couples need to know from their photographer about wedding photography Edinburgh? You know that you will want to ask things like how much does the service cost, how many pictures will you get, and maybe if the photographer works alone. But there are actually way more things that you need to know about your photographer. Don’t be surprised when we say these questions will determine the satisfaction you will get from using their service.

Let’s start with something to do about their basic information.

What is your experience as a wedding photographer?

How long has the photographer works specifically as a wedding photographer? It’s also possible that the photographer has worked in different genres before. If he did, why did he change? You can briefly ask this and see what he says. Aside from breaking the ice, this will help you see the motivation of the photographer.

How do you usually work? What is your style? Do you work alone?

These are the questions that will lead you to know more about the photographer’s work methodology. Depending on your preference, most clients love it when photographers work only behind the scene. They remain clear from the party and simply capture everything that is happening. But there are also photographers who work differently.

Some photographers also work in pairs only, such as husband and wife or life partners. They cannot be separated because each of them has their own responsibilities. When separated, you ruin their teamwork. Others would get an assistant or a second shooter depending on your needs. Of course, that also means an extra fee to pay.

For example, if you check out wedding photography Edinburgh by Andrew Weild Photography, you’ll know that he usually works alone. He knows his limits and manages every responsibility on his own, ensuring the quality of the work delivered.

Detailed information on everything you have to pay.

You want to know how much it is to hire your photographer for 8 hours for the day, as well as that extra shooter and having to travel further than 50 miles. You also want to know the fee for having an album worked on, how many pictures can be included and what happens if you want to add, say, 10 more pictures into the album.

Are there extra fees (aside from the packages)?

Some photographers who work based on hours will charge you an extra fee for the extra hours he has to work. Usually happens when you don’t plan the day carefully or when you get overexcited during the day! You are also charged extra if your photographer has to travel more than 50 miles, depending on the photographer.

Are you insured?

A photographer with insurance is safer and better to deal with when there are problems. We can never be sure that our wedding will go smoothly without a single problem. But to anticipate it is possible. Thus, we will only look at insured photographers.

Ask these questions before booking a wedding photography Edinburgh session. These questions will help you see whether that is the person you want to be responsible for the important job.

Professional Wedding Photography Hertfordshire Service Qualifications

wedding photography HertfordshireHow do you provide a professional service in wedding photography Hertfordshire? There must be something different about it from the usual ones and that’s why you can call it a professional service. If you are still a beginner, it’s a good thing to start reading this because your long-term career can depend on it!

Not cheap

Being expensive is not a requirement, but selling yourself low and cheap is not acceptable. Some people try to get their first clients by tempting them with cheap prices for being the first customers. On one side, yes, there will be people interested in the offer and hire you based on that price. But being a professional means that you are hired based on quality.

But you shouldn’t sell yourself too high as you don’t have portfolios or enough experience to be on par with real professionals. Rather than selling yourself short, it’s better to offer to become a volunteer in a relative’s or close friend’s weddings to get experience and portfolios. Then you sell your service again and this time, with more solid proofs.

Has proof

A professional must always be able to prove his skills through portfolios. It’s important that you gather enough to show your style and capabilities. They are better shown to be taken in a different venue with different kind of couples, but shouldn’t be emitting different style and tone. Be consistent in your style, but do not let that limit the poses that you have in mind.

There is one site on wedding photography Hertfordshire that we’d like to recommend you visit. That’s www.rafeabrook.co.uk and we have to say that we love the pictures shown here. You can also see that the portfolios did the photographer a great job by showing his style and perspective.

Has the equipment

A professional wedding photographer must have everything you need to capture the scene. It is not the same as buying the newest edition of everything that you have, but you shouldn’t let the lack of equipment to prevent you from getting a great picture. Make sure that all your equipment is working well. Check them the day before the promised date.

Always bring backup equipment with you, such as a spare camera, memory card or battery. These spares will really save you in time because the worst things can happen right when you least expect them to.


A professional is equal to a passionate photographer. If you want to be one, make sure that you have the passion to do the job. If you have the passion, you will be able to go beyond what you’ve promised, providing not just satisfactory, but delightful results to your clients. It is also something that motivates you to become better over time.

If you start to lose the motivation that you had in the beginning, it’s important to take a step back, and think about what you want to do. Is it a momentary block, boredom, or a serious issue where you just don’t enjoy what you’re doing anymore? Wedding photography Hertfordshire is something that has to be done only when you have the will and passion to do or it won’t do you nor the clients good!

The Wedding Album: Should You Have One?

wedding photographer GlasgowYour wedding pictures are not complete without a wedding album. Seeing the memories of that day displayed in print is the best way to enjoy those wedding memories. To a wedding photographer Glasgow, nothing completes his or her joy as memories in print.

Unfortunately, couples hardly give importance to wedding albums these days and if push comes to shove, they are the first things in the package to be slashed out. The thinking is that you can save those memories digitally or in a flash drive – quite true.

But there are reasons to have a wedding album.

  • Security

But technology is ever-evolving. Couples who once saved their wedding photographs on floppy discs for instance, now have a hard time retrieving, re-saving and readily accessing them. Moreover, having a wedding album is a way to insure yourself in case those devices – flash drive, CD – get damaged. Or something bad happens to your cloud storage.

  • Accessibility

You should have a digital back up of your wedding photographs. But they should be saved. Your wedding albums however, will be accessible every time.

Albums are good for ready access to these memories. You don’t have the opportunity to use a drive or login to your drop box account all the time. When you have visitors, your wedding albums will keep them entertained and in awe. It is weird to display your wedding pictures on the TV screen – at least, in this age.

  • Coherent Stories

Wedding albums also give you the chance to create a story from the pictures of the day. Careful thought and construction go into wedding albums because they have to be in a fluid format. Digital pictures will not be coherent. In fact, the pictures might start to display from the first kiss.

Kristeen, the amazing wedding photographer Glasgow behind http://fotomakiphotography.com/ summarize it: “wedding albums allow…to beautifully capture and design your love story from beginning to end…”

Things to Watch Out For

A lot of creativity and craft should go into creating your wedding album. It should be personalized to reflect you, and should tell a unique story of the day. In interviews with photographers, the wedding albums they show you should be a criterion in selection.

Other things should be considered too. Like the quality and feel of the albums, the number of pages, the number of photographs per page, the design and interface, the creativity put in it and if the pictures tell a story of a wedding day from start to finish.

If you are going to have a wedding album at all, then ensure it is done commendably. So that after 20 years or more, it looks like it was collated just yesterday.

Selecting Your Photographs

After looking through all your pictures, it can be difficult choosing what should go into your wedding album and what should not. Don’t stress it and don’t overthink it.

Here is how you solve that problem: think of it like a story book. Every story has a beginning. For your wedding album, the beginning will have details of the venue and pictures of you and your husband getting ready.

The middle should include pictures of guests seated, and captured emotions – tears, laughs, surprises, smiles, stern looks and so on. Important details like the walk down the aisle, the first kiss, the best man’s speech and so on should definitely be included.

Finally, the end or conclusion should include the family and friends’ portraits, and photographs of the after-party too.


It is not a difficult task. And it is the job of your wedding photographer Glasgow to put them all together creatively. The wedding album is also something you can compile much later, even after the wedding. The most important thing however is that you have one. The wedding album is an art and having one is a decision you won’t regret.