How Carrying Less Camera Gear Will Make You a Better Dundee Photographer

lensOne of the unspoken rules guiding photography is that “less is more.” This is one trick you must learn and understand as a Dundee photographer if you are going to get better. A lot of photographers carry about loads of gear, most of which they end up not using. The question is this, “why carry what you won’t use?”

This article is geared at helping you understand that you don’t need to carry so much gear around to become a better photographer.

Weight restrictions

If you were planning a shoot for a studio or just a single location, you might not feel the brunt of carrying so much gear, after all, you won’t be moving them so much. However, when you need to carry the gear around, then you know how tiresome it can be to move about with that sort of load.

Without the load, you undergo less stress thus boosting your energy levels. This way the photography session becomes more enjoyable and you can go long periods still being creative. If you can get yourself a well-designed camera bag, it will make a whole lot of difference as they help with weight distribution. If you continue to carry loads on your bag on each photography trip, you stand the chance of getting permanent backache.

The irritation of bulk

Bulky bags have a way of slowing down or hindering movement, especially as you advance in age. You can’t take shots from certain angles when you have a heavy weight on your back. Without the bulky bag, you find it easier to go down and shoot or walk through markets and other congested places. Less bulky bags also make you less conspicuous allowing for more candid and natural photos.

Inspired composition

When you have to pack light you put yourself in a position that requires you to improvise a lot on the field. This is a great advantage as it sharpens your composition skills and helps you to be more inspired. For example, when you take just two lenses to the field, you will need to zoom in with your feet for certain shots. It is wise to ensure that before you leave your base you carry all that you need so you don’t get stranded on the field.

The gear you should pack

To get your list you must ask yourself which equipment you use most often. The best way to find this out is to check your photos on Lightroom to ascertain which lenses you use the most, at least over a 12-month period. As you analyze your photos you can figure this out easily. Sometimes it is suggested that you pick the lens you used the least so you can practice and get more accustomed to its usage. At best you can take along two lenses and other equipment you are sure you use often when going for a shoot.

In conclusion, to help you carry less gear as a Dundee photographer you might need to get a new bag but you must be sure that you go with the gear you absolutely need. Make sure you don’t forget anything as it could be detrimental to your shoot. To learn more about this visit

What Does a Photography License Mean for The Equine Photographer and When Do You Need One?

equine photographerAs an equine photographer, someone needs to be really qualified. Not only because the main subject that he uses is a horse, which means a lot of work, but also to assure to the horse owner that he has what it takes to take care of his horse safely throughout the photoshoot session. In fact, if there is a license for being an equine photographer, he really needs to consider obtaining it to further show his qualification and credibility to his potential clients.

If you are interested in becoming an equine photographer, you need to consider preparing all the required paperworks to obtain such photography license. Does that really matter? As a matter of fact, it does indeed. It will boost your profile that your clients will trust their horses to you without any worry at all. It’s that powerful.

There are several types of license that you need to obtain to endorse your career as a professional photographer. These licenses are as follow:

  • Professional photography license

This type of license could be various, depends on the country or city where you apply for it. However, the main function of this license would be the same; to certify that someone has the qualification to become a professional photographer. This license will be your professional identity in the photography industry. You could show this license to your potential clients through several ways, including by posting it on your social media account or your agency website.

  • Business license

This license is to certify your photography agency business, thus people will be more confident when doing transactions with you. The possession of this license will greatly enhance the credibility of your agency now that people know that your business is being legal and all.

Just like the professional photography license, which makes you a certified equine photographer, this license could also be various depending on the location where you apply for it. Once you obtain this license, you could frame it and put it on the wall of your gallery so that people know that your business is a legally licensed one.

  • Sales tax permit

If the location you’re in does not put tax on businesses, then you don’t need this type of license. Unfortunately, in normal situations taxes apply everywhere in the world. That being said, you need to take care of this license to give even more credibility to your business. However, it is still important to check with your local government whether you need to pay tax for the industry you are in or not.

In some countries, you don’t need to pay tax for services that are not physically provided. This means that you are not required to apply for the sales tax permit in this situation, since a photography business does not deliver any physical products to its clients. But still, it’s best to check with your local government.

Those three are examples of licenses that you need to apply for to become a certified equine photographer. You could visit Emma Ziff Photography for ideas on taking beautiful shots of horses.