Becoming a Great Freelance Derby Wedding Photographer

Derby wedding photographerOne of the keys to becoming a great Derby wedding photographer is setting goals. Freelancing comes with its advantages as well as its perks. Most times we begin a year with so much in mind to achieve but before the third month, most of those thoughts are swept under the carpet.

It is imperative that goals are set for your business to blossom. These goals are personal as no one else can help you write them down. You need to figure out what you want to achieve and chase after them. Now that it is agreed that to become a great freelance Derby wedding photographer you need to set goals, let’s check out a few goal setting tips.

Be realistic

If you are not realistic you will end up setting yourself up for disappointment in the end. Yes, it can be boring to be realistic and just set goals based on what you know is achievable. However, that is the right thing to do. Ensure that your goals are practical enough to suit all purposes. Let them be flexible enough to allow for the adaptation of opportunities. Don’t get it wrong, the fact that they are realistic doesn’t mean they have to be small.

Treat it like a business

This is where most freelance photographers get it wrong. Ask yourself the question, “did I get into photography because there was nothing else to do or because it was the easiest job around?” Your answer is likely to be “No” because photography is not the easiest job around. So this is the point, learn to treat your photography as a business. This helps you to set goals like building your profile, income goals, growth of your client base, etc. Ensure you take out of your way anything that may be a distraction.

Clear up your workspace

Firstly, ensure that you have a dedicated workspace for your work. You cannot just work from anywhere and expect to be inspired and pumped up to work every time. It doesn’t have to be large, it just has to accommodate your equipment and give you enough space to handle your business. Now, some freelancers have a bad habit of choking up their workspace and keeping it untidy in the name of being too busy. You can’t be excited about your work when your workspace is constantly clogged up and scattered. Clear it out and make it fresh. You also need to check out your digital workspace and ensure it is also not choked up. Decongest!!!

Remain focused

As a freelancer, you need to read to keep yourself abreast of information. There’s a whole lot of material out there and if you are not careful or disciplined you would end up reading everything and not knowing anything. You must be dedicated to what builds you for the work ahead, remain focused. The best way to achieve this is to pick out a specific topic and ensure that all you are reading during a specific period is related to the chosen topic.


It is wise as a businessman to invest first in your business and yourself. This will involve getting equipment, undergoing training, and doing every other thing that should be done to ensure that your business thrives. One way to do this is to make a list of what is most important in a specific order and begin investing in each till you are done with that list. Do this over and over because you are likely never to exhaust coming up with new lists. will help with more tips on how to become a great freelance Derby wedding photographer.